Unite your colleagues around civic engagement!

Days of service reinforce your team’s cohesion, place social innovation at the heart of your corporate social responsibility and human resources policies, and contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Who are we?

Benenova Entreprises*, in coordination with the general organization Benenova, aims to develop employees’ civic engagement by working with businesses to build concrete, innovative actions with a strong social and environmental impact.

*All revenue from Benenova Entreprises is transferred to Benenova, the general interest organization, to continue developing volunteer engagement throughout France and to guide everyone, even the most vulnerable, towards an active civic life.

Discover citizen engagement with Benenova!

The benefits of volunteer action

Benenova Entreprises’ volunteer actions allow the mobilization of your employees in the care of local organizations to respond to the community’s greatest needs, in a half or full day. This mobilization can be launched by a manager for their team, or as a part of the company’s human resources or corporate social responsibility policy. It’s an opportunity for:


Why organize a day of service with us?

Benenova Entreprises aims first and foremost to respond to the needs of our partners, whether associative or corporate. To achieve this goal, we have built our offer on three essential points.

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An international network


Thanks to Points of Light*, our international network, you have the opportunity to involve your international teams in volunteer action if you’d like. In this case, it is possible to work entirely in English (preparation, reporting, management).  For example, take a look at AbbVie’s Week of Possibilities!

*Present in 37 countries, the Points of Light network offers diverse options for civic engagement (especially with companies) around the world, working with more than 70,000 local organizations and NGOs. Discover two of their international summits, in Paris and Dublin!

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To know even more, contact us by email at contact.entreprises@benenova.fr!

Building your day of service together

Our role is to work with you to build the event that will best illustrate your approach to corporate social responsibility, human resources, or management while uniting your teams around concrete projects with a real impact. We’ll be by your side throughout the process, managing the organization from A to Z: conception, realization, supervision, and evaluation of key performance indicators.

Potential themes:

People with disabilities         Social exclusion

The environment                   People in need

Education                               Elderly people

Types of action

1. Project development via concrete action

 A group of any size (small or large) participates in the development and realization of an organization’s projects via concrete action for the organization’s benefit or that of its beneficiaries.

Examples: upkeep on an urban farm, painting or light renovation of facilities, preparation of meals for those in need

Discover the day of service carried out by 170 PwC employees

2. Accompaniment of a particular community

 A group of any size (small or large) accompanies a particular group in need (people with disabilities, migrants, women in need, etc) on a social or cultural outing.

Examples: a cultural or athletic outing with young people with mental disabilities, an afternoon with refugee families, playing board games or dancing at a senior center 

Discover an afternoon in the forest with 44 GE coworkers and handicapped youth

3. Action on-site at your workplace 

Your company welcomes one of our partner organizations to your workplace, where the event will take place. The hours will be flexible to allow your employees to come spend an hour or two of their workday with the organization. The action is accessible to a larger number of your coworkers and allows them to discover the company’s CSR policy.

Examples: packing hygiene kits for people in need

Discover the various actions that can be carried out at your office

Want to build your event and reinforce civic engagement among your staff? Contact us at contact.entreprises@benenova.fr!

Our corporate partnersPrésentation sans titre

More than 90% of employees noticed a positive impact on their team*

Participants gave us 4.5/5 stars on the organization and execution of their event*

*According feedback from employees following a day of service organized by Benenova Entreprises
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